April Showers Bring...Wet Basements.

Big shit always happens when John's away. That's just the nature of things. 

And last week was no different. 

True to April in Iowa, we've had some very wet weather. It rained pretty steadily for about 5 days, then we had a severe thunderstorm where our region received 4 to 5 inches in 12 hours. 

No bueno. 

I checked the basement before I went to bed last Wednesday and the basement was wet in spots, but nothing I hadn't seen before. We have a super old limestone basement, so when we get rain over 1 inch we have a little seepage. No biggie. 

But when I woke up on Thursday, the basement was full. Because the floor is significantly uneven, some spots had more than 4 inches of water. Most areas were between 1.5 and 2 inches deep.

I should also mention that we don't have a sump pump. 

Take a look: 

After talking with John and listening to him laugh at me for asking if I could Shop Vac the water out (the laughter continued for several minutes), I hung up on his ass and called the next most important man in my life. 

No, not Ryan Gosling. 
Jeesh. What's he gonna do about it? Stand there and look pretty? Right. Good point. 

My dad. 

Dave came to the rescue with two sump pumps (straight from the hog houses) and a big 'ole hose. We rigged up all the gear and got down to business. 

What disturbs you most about this photo? The expression on my face or my 'floating' head?  

About four hours later, I had a relatively dry basement. The photos show a significant improvement. 

I'd like to conclude by taking my own teacher advice, and share a few things that I learned:

1. We need to install a sump pump. Stat.
2. I need to check the basement at various stages throughout the rainy season.
3. I'm a big girl and can handle problems without John. Even if that means calling my parents.
4. I could never, ever move home and work with for my dad. He's an f'ing Nazi.
5. My parents are the best. Yeah, yeah; I'm sure you think you have the best parents. But you're wrong.  Mine are waaaayyyyyy better. I mean, my dad could totally beat up your dad.

Over and out.


  1. Saw you on the Barn Hop. We had the rain, too, in WI, but not as bad as you all. Fortunately the water in our basment wasn't as bad, but a lot of things still got ruined. We, too, have been living on the edge without a sump pump. I guess your story is a good kick in the pants!

    1. Hey there! I know sump pumps can be kind of expensive, and for us that doesn't even include the cost of retrofitting our basement to install one. Thankfully, my parents kindly left their small pump for future flooding. Whew!

  2. Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop this week; I hope you’ll join us again!

    Kathy Shea Mormino

    The Chicken Chick


  3. Oh gosh. What a mess. We don't have basements here, but our office flooded recently during a heavy storm. No fun. Thanks for sharing with us at the HomeAcre Hop. Look forward to seeing you again tomorrow: http://blackfoxhomestead.com/the-homeacre-hop/

  4. We have become best friends with our fire and water damage repair company after moving into a house in Texas with a basement that seems to flood regularly. We also lack a sump pump, but I've been looking into them after the last major rainstorm. I even found some bicycle powered ones in the event of a power outage. Pretty cool!

  5. This is definitely an experience that's hard to forget. A flooded basement is one common problem of many homeowners. It's not an easy task that's why others choose to call a contractor to do it for them. John might not have been around that time, but thankfully your dad was to help you out on this. Sump pump is a good idea, by the way, it will lessen the possibility for you to experience this again. Good luck!

    Emely @ CMHazardControl.com

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  7. I remember back when we bought our house how much of a struggle it was to pay the mortgage each month. I remember thinking why am I slaving so hard to just barely make ends meet. I can tell you today that then we sold the house 20 years later and cleared $200,000 that it was all worth it to now be able travel the world.

    Mildred Mclaughlin @ My Better Basement

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