An Extension of Time

I am bummed, people.

There ain't no way around it, so I'm just gonna say it: John is going to be working in Arkansas for a few weeks longer than expected.

There was a terrible accident at Arkansas Nuclear One (ANO) on Easter, which resulted in at least one fatality and several injuries. (I'll spare you the details, but if you want to read about it, go here or here or here. And here's a blog post about it.)

John works the night shift and was not working when this accident occurred, although the incident does  and will continue to impact the methods and procedures on the job from here on out. There's also a lot of collateral damage from the accident that must be cleaned up, renovated, or completely rebuilt. John will be part of that endeavor, with the rest of his electrical coworkers.

While John can't accurately tell me exactly when he'll be home, he is almost positive it will be a few weeks longer - maybe a month longer - than he anticipated. This puts him in Arkansas until mid- to late-May.

I am sad for many reasons: This accident killed a person and seriously injured several others. I also worry about John and the dangers of his job. I worry about the civilians who live in close proximity to nuclear power plants.

And while it is very trivial in the scope of the tragic accident, I miss John. I'm lucky he is safe, but I miss him.

And that's all there is to it, really; for the immediate future, our time apart has been extended.

I shouldn't complain to much. I will see John for two days during the first weekend in May when we meet up to attend the Beale Street Music Festival. After that, I'll be teaching until the end of May and can visit John in the beginning of June. We still plan to take our Smoky Mountain vacation, and can leave right from Russellville. After our vacation is over, I'll head back home and John will head back to work for a few more weeks.

And after that, people, the real fun starts: I can travel with John and substitute teach, giving myself more freedom and options than ever before.

It's those silver linings that get me every time.

Over and out.

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