Summer Vacay: Smoky Mountains

We're headin' east for our summer vacation.

More specifically, we're traveling to Tennessee's Appalacian mountain range in early June, and couldn't be more thrilled!

We plan to spend 9 days near the historic town of Gatlinburg, just outside of the Smoky Moutain National Park. We're going to camp, of course, and intend to take in all of the natural sights the park and the surrounding area has to offer.

We are aware that this particular national park gets a lot of traffic in the summer (because the park has no entry fees), and that Gatlinburg is a very popular area. We aren't too bothered by the fact that there will be many tourists around us at times - we want to visit the park and attractions just as much as the next person. However, we did book a campsite at a privately owned campground a short distance from the park and from Gatlinburg in anticipation of peak season.

There are several things I love about our long camping trips: We get to see new places in the United States, we get to meet new people and learn about new cultures and ways of life, we can travel for several days on a shoestring budget.

People, if you haven't taken a camping vacation, you're missing out.

And you're probably spending too much money.

How much money, exactly? Check out this post to see how we vacationed for about 4 weeks (not all at once) on around $2,000.

I'll be sure to break down this trip's costs for you as well.

Over and out.

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