One Act: March

Let me just start by sayin' WOW - what a month March has been?

Among my regular teaching duties, professional learning conferences, spring break, and house projects, I've been very busy.

Not so busy, however, to forget about my New Year's Resolution to participate in at least one act of kindness each month.

Choosing an act of kindness this month was easy.

And it centers around one of my students, who I'll just refer to as K.

K has been having some major health issues, and it all started with complications while (get this) getting her tonsils out, and continued to snowball into other health concerns after that.

As a her teacher, of course I am accommodating to her situation and her inability to focus on school due to stressing out about her health.

What makes K's situation more complex is that she isn't your typical "good student". She's a wonderful young lady: fun, outgoing, happy, etc. She just isn't a straight-A, point chasing, teacher's pet. As a result, many teachers (especially female teachers) don't give her a fair break, even when it came to her health issues.

I could tell that this was stressin' K out. The dang girl was near tears in class the other day when she asked me what she needed to make up from her absences.

We got her all caught up, but the next day I gave her a little gift to let her know that I care about her and that I will be part of her support system as she struggles to figure out what's going on with her body.

One act of kindness doesn't need to be a major deal. It can be something as simple as letting people know you care.

Over and out.

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