A Week in Arkansas

Did you miss me?

Seriously, though? Even a little bit?

Regardless, I missed you. I missed writing, blogging, crankin' out ridculous things for you to absent-mindedly read for a minute or two in between checking your Facebook newsfeed.

Today, friends, I want to tell you about my week in Arkansas. I spent my Spring Break from school visiting John, who is working on a nuclear facility outside of Little Rock - near Russelville, to be precise.

I made the 11-hour trek, and was totally glad I did. Not only did Iget to see John, but I ate some amazing barbecue...

And nothing makes barbecue better than warm weather...

Read FOUR books (and none of them had anything to do with teenagers, teaching, or previewing a novel for classroom use) and spent some time in the sunshine with the pups...

Granted, John was working 10 hours a day for the first few days and then switched to 12-hour days, so our time together was limited to the evenings. Nonetheless, we grilled out each evening and enjoyed the amazing views at the "campground".

I use the word "campground" loosely, because it's really a family's pasture that has been retrofitted for about 10 to 12 RV's or travel trailers. There are full-hookups, but the amenities are scarce. And I couldn't care less.

The nuclear outage is employing about 1,500 tradesmen and women - my husband being one of them. Clearly, rental housing or accommodations are scarce in a community of 20,000 people, so many tradesmen have opted to camp, which saves a lot of money in the long run. Additionally, there is no per diem pay on this particular job, so saving money on housing is even more important. This also allows John to pack his lunches from "home" each day and cook at the campsite each night.

On my first day here I went to the grocery store and stocked up on food for the week (and for John's remaining two months here), and spent the rest of the trip sleeping in, reading, going for walks, napping, and writing.

I did spend a good portion of a day at Dardanelle State Park with the pooches...

It's good to be home, but I know I'll miss John over these next two months. I won't see him until the first weekend in May. We always attend the Beale Street Music Festival, and this year I'll be riding down with our friends who are also attending. John is working about 2 hours from Memphis, so he'll meet us there.

I can't wait for the music festival.

For many reasons.

Over and out.

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