Respite Care. And Naps.

You probably already know that John and I are licensed adoptive and foster parents in the state of Iowa. And you probably read our recent post on not pursuing long-term foster care or adoption anymore. (If you want to hear all of the stories, go here.)

In light of that, we have a foster family that we have worked with for about 6 months, and we really enjoy providing respite care for one of the children in their care. Perhaps this is the capacity in which we are intended to serve. 

And, for those of you who aren't familiar with the foster care system, or the notion of 'respite care', here's a simple explanation: 

Foster families are given a certain number of hours or days in a calendar year that they can use for 'free' babysitting for the foster child(ren) in their care. When a foster family needs to head out of town or out of state, oftentimes the birth family can request their child, the foster child, not travel with the foster family (yep, it does happen on occasion). Therefore, the foster family has to find another licensed foster parent to babysit - or provide respite care for - their foster child(ren). It can't be a foster aunt or uncle, a foster gramma, etc. 

Also, sometime foster parents just need a break, or have an appointment they need to attend, or want to go on a date night. Respite care is available for this as well. And the great thing about respite care is that the foster families don't have to pay for this, the state picks up the bill. Granted, as respite care providers John and I get about $50 for a 3-day weekend of babysitting, but it's better than nothing. 

And we get our baby fix.

Either way, we always enjoy hanging out with D-Man, one little guy that we've babysat since he's been about seven weeks old. John likes how he has a napping buddy whenever D-Man comes to visit. 

Everybody loves D-Man. We've cared for him numerous times, even bringing him to my family Christmas while his foster family was out of town, to a birthday party while his foster mom took her older children to the movies, and when his older foster siblings were sick and he needed to get outta the house in order to stay healthy. We love this little guy so much! Heck, Manny and Bruce even like him.

Actually, Bruce doesn't care, really. He just likes to sleep in the sunshine. 

Or at John's feet.

You know. Whatever works.

Over and out.


  1. Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop this week; I hope you’ll join us again!

    Kathy Shea Mormino

    The Chicken Chick

  2. Everyone needs a break. Respite care provides caregivers a temporary rest from caregiving, while the person with Alzheimer's continues to receive care in a safe environment. Using respite services can support and strengthen your ability to be a caregiver.


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