Our Healthy Meal Ideas

Yesterday I told you about the Live Healthy Iowa 10-Week Challenge I am particpating in with some teacher friends, and it's only fitting that I not just change the amount of physical activity I do, but the food I consume.

By now, you get that John and I like to eliminate as much processed food from out diets as possible. I even started making my own yogurt and am working on mozzarella cheese, too.

A while ago we made efforts to dine out as little as possible, and we've been pretty successful at that as well. Granted, we still eat out for dinner about twice a week, but we continue to pack our lunches, and eat breakfast at home before going to work. Dining out twice a week is a wash - I'm gonna order something delicious no matter what. But, we've done a great job creating healthy meals at home.

In the spirit of sharing, here are some of our fav's:

Breakfast items (we pick one)

  • vanilla yogurt with frozen blueberries and a handful of homemade granola
  • toast (from homemade flax-seed, wheat bread) and peanut butter
  • an orange or banana
  • fresh cut pineapple
  • a whole wheat pancake (sometimes we make a large batch on the weekend and freeze the leftovers for weekday breakfasts)
  • oatmeal with a small handful of fruit

Lunch items (we pick two and pack in our lunch boxes to take to work)

  • chicken salad with a piece of homemade bread
  • baby carrots or celery and Tastefully Simple Garlic Garlic dip (with low-fat mayo and sour cream)
  • small salad with low-fat Caesar dressing and loads of veggies
  • hard boiled eggs
  • an orange
  • fresh cut veggies with hummus
  • crackers or pita chips and hummus
  • anything left over from dinner (see below)


  • veggie stir-fry (sometimes we add a single chicken breast) and brown rice
  • spinach or whole wheat pasta with home canned pasta sauce - no ground beef
  • homemade veggie pizza (everything is homemade - the sauce, the crust, the fresh veggies, the mozz cheese, etc.)
  • marinated or spiced chicken breast with frozen veggies (either grown in my garden last summer, or from a bag purchased on sale)
  • a loaded baked potato (a little cheese, veggies, and some low-fat dressings)
  • a Crock Pot of soup using leftover chicken (chicken tortilla, noodle, or wild rice)
  • beef chili with home canned tomatoes and soaked beans (actually healthy if you drain and rinse 1/2 pound of ground beef!)
  • veggie lasagna
  • baked Walleye fillets (caught on our trip to Canada last summer) and frozen veggies
  • cheese burger sans bun and marinated mushrooms
  • corn soup (using sweet corn from my parents' farm that we froze from last summer) 


  • popcorn
  • chips and home canned salsa
  • home canned pickles
  • a cup of hot chocolate, made with water (not milk)
  • a 100-calorie snack from the Aldi's Fit and Active line (we don't have these in the house often)

I feel like my list is much shorter than in reality. Am I forgetting something? What healthy meals do you cook? What are some standby's that you always turn to?

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