One Act: February

I'm two months into the new year, and still holding strong on my New Year's Resolution to do one kind act a month.

This month it was actually kind of a struggle to do one larger act of kindness. For some reason, February has been really, really uncharacteristically busy. Usually winter months are when I am itching for something to do. Weird. I attribute this to lots of student yearbook and newspaper deadlines, parent/teacher conferences this month, evenings out with other couples, lots of home improvement projects on the agenda, etc.

So, in lieu of a large act of kindness, I did a few smaller, yet still kind, acts for others. Here goes:

  • With the help of two coworkers/friends, I hosted a baby shower for another coworker/friend. It was SO FUN! 
  • I joined a team for the Live Healthy Iowa challenge, and provide lots of support for teaching colleagues who are on a journey to live a healthy lifestyle. 
  • I baked some healthy treats for my journalism students who met a particularly challenging deadline. 
  • John and I provided respite care for another foster family for a weekend. 
  • I help at CVHS with a new volunteer orientation and three volunteer tours. I've also stayed around a little later/arrived a little earlier for the three tours and walked dogs for about 30 minutes. 
In March I intend to do something a little more concrete. Stay tuned!

Over and out. 


  1. Hi, Kelli! Thanks for coming to visit. I had to laugh at your profile info - I really want backyard chickens too and my husband,well...not so much. Good luck with the greenhouse. It was pretty easy. Zip ties are a blessing!

  2. Im picking up at least one more chick tomorrow. Only One. Maybe two. Chickens are the best :)

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