I need more rain barrels.

John and I were watching the evening news the other night and we saw a story about a predicted summer drought and anticipated water rationing as a result. Of course, we aren’t hip to watering our lawn or washing our cars in our driveway or other ridiculous water-wasting action. But we are concerned about the impact the predicted drought will have on our garden and water bill.

We have several ways we plan to beat the drought, and one of which is to build and use more rain barrels. You might recall that we alreadyhave five rain barrels located at strategic points on our double, corner city lot. You might also recall that the placement of three of our rain barrelsisn’t ideal. However, if we can add three or four more rain barrels to our backyard, we can bank on rarely using city water to water our garden.

We get the 55 gallon barrels from a cheese factory for $5 each, and use about $5 in supplies from the hardware store to make our barrels. They aren’t glamorous, but they are so efficient and save us a lot of money.

If you want to see how we made our rain barrels, visit ouroriginal post here.

Until then, over and out.

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