With a title like "worms", this post could go anywhere, couldn't it? 

Well, sorry to disappoint you, but I just wanted to put it 'out there' and say that I am in the process of contacting a classmate from my Homegrown Lifestyle class about some free reg wriggler vermicomposting worms. 

Yep. I want to get my hands on some worms. 

And it wouldn't be the first time. 

When we were young, my mom and dad would take me, my brother, and my sister outside at dark to collect night-crawlers for fishing. We'd do this often, especially before our annual Canadian fishing trips. One of my dad's best fishing secrets was using a plump, juicy night-crawler to fill his fishing license. Sometimes, after a really hard rain we would all grab an empty ice cream bucket (saved especially for this purpose) and walk through the yard with a flashlight. If we were desperate, dad would let the garden hose run for a little bit at dusk to get the worms out of the ground and we'd go running for the worms. It was dirty, it was smelly, and it was totally awesome. 

Ok. I got off track. Sorry. Back to the red wrigglers. 

These little guys are perfect for turning kitchen scraps and organic kitchen waste into stellar compost for vegetable gardens.

Once I get in contact with my 'supplier' I can get down to business, but until then I will have to prepare the worms' home: A plastic tote with a lid, some shredded newspaper, some soil, and some kitchen scraps. 

And to answer the question in your mind right now: Yes. I plan to keep this tote of red wriggler worms in my house until late spring. 

Don't tell John. 


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