UPDATE: Projects. (If there was more time in a day.)

Sometimes I just get so many ideas into my head that the only way I can begin to make sense of them is to get them down on paper.

This post is one of those moments. In writing. Right here, right now.

I hit a recent burst of creativity where I've come up with a bunch of crafty ideas for when I get some down time. That's usually the problem, though: Coming up with the down time. Regardless, here are some of the projects that I hope to accomplish in by August (from now until the end of summer break):
1. Salvage some old pots or containers on the cheap for a container garden around my front porch. I want it to be more lush and green. Plus, a variety of fresh herbs at my fingertips would be nice.
2. Plan and build (with John's help) some type of structure for the backyard that climbing veggies (like cucs, beans, squash, etc.) can grow on. It should look cool, too. Update: We are going to get some lattice to cover my new rain barrels (see below), which will serve as a structure for climbing plants. 
3. Look for new front porch furniture. I saw some iron outdoor chairs, I think a set of 4 actually, at a local consignment shop for $14 each. I should have nabbed them up. With a little spray paint and new cushions, they would have been perfect. I'll have to keep a better eye out for them. Update: I went back to the consignment shop. The chairs were still there, but for some reason I remember them being a lot cooler. 
4. Rig up a little basket on our backyard fence to store all of the dog toys and balls. We've hit too many of them with the lawn mower recently. It's not cost effective to leave them on the ground anymore.
5. MORE RAIN BARRELS in the back yard. See this post, and you'll understand why. Update: John made me six new rain barrels. Boom. 
6. More shelving in our master bedroom closet. Update: We banged this project out in 3 hours on a Friday night. Holla! (Yes, I just said 'holla' - so what?)
7. Create a headboard out of two doors I bought from an antique shop.
8. Figure out something more crafty and permanent for the faux fireplace.
9. Drywall the side attic. At least. I really want to add a half-bath up there. And that ain't happenin'. 
One project at a time, people. That's all I can commit to right now.

Over and out.

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