Pinterest: The First Step is Admitting There's a Problem.

Let's just do some straight talkin' and cut right to the chase: I am not addicted to Pinterest.


I was just talking the other day with my part-time coworker about how we don't "get" Pinterest. It isn't easy to use, and we didn't understand the concept of pinning things. We also commented that we didn't know what to do with something that you liked. Do you pin it? How do you see more information than just the photo? You know, important questions like that.

I have a fairly new smartphone, and I recently downloaded the Pinterest app. I've had an account for nearly a year, but don't even know if I've pinned anything yet. Well let me tell ya, that app is gonna be the death of me.

I love it.

It's so pinteresting. (Get it? Har-de-har-har...)

The app is so much more user friendly than the website. It's simple and I get everything I want right on the screen. I still don't pin anything, but I can look at the photos and get clever ideas. I still don't know how the whole pinning thing works, but at least I can explore the vast world of Pinterest.

Like I said, I'm not addicted yet. But I have to limit myself, because just the other night I was watching Food Network and was scrolling through the app. I swiftly wasted 30 minutes. Granted, it was an epic 30 minutes, but still...

Over and out.

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