One Act: January

You'll recall that my New Year's Resolution was to do one act, one good deed, a month for the next year. In January I started out easy by signing up to help at the Cedar Valley Humane Society's 1st Annual Chili Supper.

Don't judge me. I don't want to go all "balls to the wall" and then burn out. Easy does it, people.

On the Saturday of the event, I worked in the serving line from 4 to 6 p.m., and made desserts: Pumpkin Bars and Mini Cupcakes

I feel like I kind of copped out on January's event, because I volunteer a lot for CVHS anyway. To make up for it, I spent some time the other day planning out my February and March events. In February I plan to volunteer for a few hours at our Habitat for Humanity ReStore, and in March I'd like to deliver a few meals with HACAP's Meals on Wheels program (John will be helping me with this too!).

I also found out about this really cool program where people can teach a person who uses English as a second language basic verbal and written communication skills. The last one will be a HUGE commitment - at least 10 weeks, once a week. I haven't completely committed to this yet, but I have all of the paperwork. I might embark on this one in May so I can ensure I won't be as busy with my real teaching job.

And let's be real here, I bet some of the English language learners will have a better command of the English language than the 120 teenagers I work with each day. Just sayin'.

It's also important to mention that I learned of most of these opportunities from the United Way's website. A visitor to the site can do a simple search of all volunteer opportunities within a certain mile radius, and can contact the organization supervisors directly. Pretty slick, huh?

Get out there and go something good for someone. Just one act can make a huge difference in the lives of another - four-legged or not.

Over and out.

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