The Coolest Little Tool.

I am working on a faux fireplace right now.

Are you jealous?

You should be, because this is gonna look bangin’.

The other day John and I went to the hardware store to pick up from flat white spray paint for the fireplace front. I’m painting it a bright, flat white to match some of the other pieces in our living room and dining room. I’m just tired of having so much wood in our house. Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE our floors and our historic home’s woodwork – but sometimes I need colors and tones in my home other than brown.

Anyway, I digress. Back to the spray paint.

I chose to spray paint the fireplace front rather than strip it, sand it and repaint it by hand because, well, I’m lazy.  That, and the fact that I wholeheartedly believe that a person can work magic with a can of spray paint.

Sorry. Again, I got off topic. Back to the spray paint.

When we were on our way out of the spray paint aisle when I noticed John wasn’t following me. I turned around to see him intently reading the back of a little tool that I am sure will change the way I live.

Well, not really the way I live, per say, but the way I paint. Spray paint, that is.

Take a look:

Do you know what this little do-dad does? (See what I did there? It’s called alliteration. Look at me bein’ all English teacher and stuff…)

This handy tool works like this:

Step #1: Place the holster on top of the can.

Step #2: Pull the trigger.

Step #3: Stand back and admire your craftiness.

Step #4: Grab a cocktail.

Over and out. 


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