I'M A STRIPPER. Headboard Project: Phase #1.

I knew that headline would grab your attention. *tehehehe*

You'll recall that I'm toying with the idea of making a headboard out of two old doors that I scored at an antique shop. 

Well, the other weekend we had unseasonably nice temperatures and I decided to start on the headboard project. 

Bad idea.

Even though it was warm, it was not warm enough to start stripping the doors.

But I did my best.

And some of the paint did start to come up.

Seriously, though, you've heard the expression of "watching paint dry" being equated to something incredibly boring. And it is. Watching dry paint "un-dry" is pretty f'ing boring, too.

So I grabbed a beer.

Then I did some scraping.

As you can see I still have about 3 layers of paint to go before I come to the wood.

It's official - this project has been postponed until spring.

Over and out.


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