Gratitude for Gifters.

I've grabbed a 'lil glass of wine, and want to tell you about something suuuuuuper important. 

Look at my fancy new Crock Pot:

And this fun and functional iPad keyboard:

These were just two of several awesome Christmas gifts I received from my family and John this year. I am so lucky to have such thoughtful family and an amazing husband that know my interests so well!
I mean, I wouldn’t buy these things for myself. I already have a Crock Pot. It’s crusty, stained, doesn’t heat evenly, and only has one setting: On.

And my iPad has a keyboard on it, clearly, like every Apple or Android device. But seriously, it’s hard to type on those touch-screen keypads. To blog on-the-go or compose emails from a touch-screen keypad is difficult, and John knew this was something I wouldn’t buy myself, but something I would really love.

I was also showered with delicious candies and chocolates, fabulous spa products, cozy flannel sheets, a stocking full of fun goodies and products I use every day, a lap desk so I can work on lesson plans and grading from the couch (who knew grading could be comfortable?!), and some bangin’ kitchen tools.

I’m so, so grateful for my family, friends, and husband. These people make life worth livin’, I’m tellin’ ya! Especially my parents who are, yes, posing in front of prime rib. That's how we roll.

Over and out. 


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