New Neighbors.

Real quick: Our neighbors are moving.

I'm sad.

There are four sets of neighbors that we know (kind of know):

  1. Don and Shirley (The cutest retired couple with the best lawn on the block)
  2. Arlo and Arlene (Parents of Arlo Jr. and Arlette. I'm not kidding. Seriously.) 
  3. Shadow's parents (We don't know the names of the humans, but their gorgeous dog is Shadow.)
  4. The Jack's (Aaron and Tara, parents of two Jack Russell Terriers, which we simply called The Jacks before we got to know them.) 

The Jack's are moving.

They are our favorite neighbors, and we are super sad.

For all of you who live in a city and have decent neighbors, you know how big this is. The new home owner could be a creep, or dirty, or drunk, or loud, or... anything.


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