Summer Bedroom Tour...meow!

It feels a little naughty givin' ya'll a tour of the 'ol master suite. 

But you guys should know by now that I'm not a modest person, when it comes to sharing intimate details.

Let's get this show on the road, shall we? 


Before I show you my entire bedroom, I want to focus on my favorite area of my bedroom: The Reading Room. 

Let's go...

This green chair was "donated" to the Reading Room by my parents. This chair has seen a lot of faces and been a lot of places, but I think I'll keep it around for a while.

I actually made those pillows, believe it or not, without the help of my sister.

Remember that ladder from my spare bedroom? The one that didn't have a purpose?

It has a purpose now.

Alright, now I'll show ya the rest of the El Master Suite. Come along with me through the door...

Don't you love these floors? My wonderful hubbs refinished them (and completely remodeled the bedroom) a year and a half ago.

Our house has central air, but our upstairs is still really hot in the summer. Thanks to my momma, we are able to sleep under a light (and beautiful) vintage quilt in the summer. Granted, this "summer look" doesn't really match with anything else in the bedroom right now, but that's OK. I mean, who's really paying any attention? Don't answer that.

Next decorating project: Something for above the bed.

That wall needs a little spice.

Don't ya think?

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