Straight pins. My new best friend.

When I found that old window in our basement, I knew it had to be repurposed into a dry erase board for our office. 

But I also knew that I needed to stop procrastinating on sprucing up the "frame wall". 

I love my frame wall, don't get me wrong. It's just that some are really poorly spaced, others aren't level, and there are several important photos and documents that I wanted to showcase.

But there's one problem.

I hate pounding nails into my walls. 

We have a combination of plaster and sheetrock walls in our home, and if we're hanging something on a plaster wall there is a 90% chance that we'll have to use a big 'ol screw and it's gonna leave a huge mark. For as much as I change things around in my house, this girl doesn't have enough time to patch all of those holes.

Meet my new best friend.

A small hammer and a roll of straight pins. They'll hang just about anything, and they leave just a teeny, tiny hole.

Granted, I had to be very, very gentle when pounding in straight pins or else they'll bend. But that's still better than using nails. Or screws! GAH! That's almost a swear word around here.

Here we are, half way through the "sprucing".

And here's the finished product.

Until I get a frame for my graduate school diploma and a few other documents...

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