Rain barrel afterthoughts.

Remember those rain barrels that John and I made in February. We were super exited to get these bad boys up and running, and I have been using them all summer long. I'm very, very thankful that we had the foresight to make FIVE of them and place them around our double lot, especially considering the Midwestern drought we are currently experiencing.

But  hindsight  is always 20/20, right? These three barrels are bittersweet for me right now.

My garden is located in a land far, far away from these three sweet barrels. Yeah, I have one rain barrel in my backyard, mere feet from my garden, but that thing can be emptied in just a few days. Requiring me to get our long house out, strategically use the slope of our driveway and yard and gravity to transfer water from the three barrels to the backyard barrel.

Think our garden is just over there?

Keep going.

Yep. Here it is.

I think we can agree this is a considerable distance.

Now that I'm looking at the whole scenario, I don't know why John and I didn't put three rain barrels (or MORE!) back here.

There's plenty of room, it's shaded (to deter algae growth), and it is mere feet from the garden.


Maybe we'll score on a few more barrels this fall and winter and make a few more for the backyard. I think rain barrels are valuable for any household no matter where you put them, but proper placement would have saved me a bit of work.

And sister ain't haulin' rain water to the backyard next year.

Just sayin'.

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