Drought vs. Garden. Drought wins.

This is what a Midwestern drought and 19 days of above 90* weather will do to a garden...

Aren't you sad for me?

I am using water from my rain barrels to sustain a bit of life for my onions, tomatoes and peppers. My leaf lettuces and spinach were "done" a long time ago. No loss there. However, my green beans and peas were just starting to turn on. I got one gallon bag of green beans before the heat and drought did them in. That, and we went on a 10 day vacation and apparently is green beans aren't picked regularly they stop producing.

I'm not going to replant, obviously. It's pretty late in the season and the weather is still looking to be dry and oppressively hot. This fall I will do a fall planting of leaf lettuce and I'll also put in some garlic, which I'll harvest in the late spring next year.

The rain barrels have been a safe haven for me, not only in keeping my veggies watered, but also keeping our water bill low. There are a few things I would have done differently regarding the placement of the barrels, but that's another post for another day, friends.


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