Backyard Update, & Why The Florida Weave Trellis Method Sucks.

Well, the Florida Weave method of trellising tomatoes ain't cuttin' it. Or maybe I ain't cuttin' it for the Florida Weave. 

Yes. Yes. It's definitely the latter. 

For some reason, my weaving technique isn't holding the plants very, well... upright. So John decided to step in and re-do one of my weaves. He simply re-did one of my weaves as a 'test plot' against the other method I resorted to: the classic, circular, metal wire tomato cage.

John re-did one of my weaves and it's working better than mine did. And, I still ended up wasting money on those damn tomato cages.

I digress.

Here's how the backyard garden is looking so far:

Also, we are short on rain here, so our yard is looking crispy, and I refuse to water it. REFUSE! So our neighbors will continue to drive by and gaze at our lawn in disgust. That's ok, though. Because in about a month I'll be munching on succulent tomatoes. Boom.

I'm not extremely pleased with my cucumbers. They get partial sun, are watered regularly (from the rain barrels you see in the background), but I think the soil mixture I made isn't right for them. Maybe next year...

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