Blast from the Past (May, 2012): "Manny, Bruce - Wanna Go Outside?"

This post is being republished from May, 2012. May these photos of our garden, backyard, and pups put a little spring {weather} in your step on this blustery Iowa day.

"Hey, Bruce! You wanna go outside? Outside? OUTSIDE? Come on!"

"Come on Bruce! OUTSIDE!"

After I coerced Bruce down the three stairs to the garage, we headed to the backyard to join Manny and put some hay down around the tomatoes.

I'm trying this to eliminate weeds, keep the roots of the plants cool in the summer, and to keep moisture near the roots when the heat of June and July comes around.

That took a total of 10 minutes, so I enjoyed some evening sun in the backyard with the pups while John was at a work meeting.

It looks like everyone is enjoying the spring air…

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