The Florida Weave, in action!

A few weeks ago I wrote about the Florida Weave method of trellising tomatoes. Today, my friends, I put phase one of "da Weave" (as John likes to call it) into action. 

I used baling twine from my dad and got to work.

My toms are getting pretty lush, if I do say so. Perhaps it's because I'm cheating in my garden. Or maybe it's because the plants I bought are super healthy (thanks to the FFA Chapter of the school where I teach).

Either way, the Florida Weave is looking to serve its purpose this summer. However, after initiating phase one of "da Weave" I realized that this isn't an easy task. While the YouTube videos of this trellising method seem easy, it's not. Whatevs.

I'm not really bothered by the fact that it took me 45 minutes to get my Weave on, because while doing so I spotted this 'lil beaut.

Bruce was so excited about our first tomato that he asked to take a photo with me.

Of course I obliged.

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