Early Spring (2012) Garden & Outdoors Tour.

I have a fever!
And the only cure is more cowbell spending time in the yard.

I started by having John till up our garden bed, and three raised beds. Again. Because I wanted the soil to be a little more fluffy.

Then I planted some lettuce around this tree. Once it sprouts I'll put some chicken wire around it to keep the rabbits away.

And I planted 14 tomato plants. When I'm done, I'll have 20. I also planted 8 bell pepper plants. I'll have 12 of them when done.

I also planted cucumbers around a lamp post in our side yard, and John fixed up two more rain barrels to add to the fleet. He also connected them, so when one fills up, it will fill in the other two. 

Out on the front porch I planted all of my herbs: Sweet basil, cilantro, dill, chives, oregano.

In the hanging baskets I planted some lettuce. 

I know my front steps need paintin'. Don't judge. 

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