Winter Break: I've lost count of the days

I knew blogging about each day of Winter Break wouldn't last long. 

I am enjoying my time off entirely too much! John and I officially kicked off our Christmas celebrations on December 23rd, when we opened gifts from each other. Since our Packers weekend was our real Christmas present to each other, we only exchanged a small gift or two on the 23rd. 

And to make it better, the 23rd was a bright, beautiful, sunny winter day in the 40s. For Iowa in December, 40 degree weather is heaven. 


John got me a beautiful butcher block cutting board - it's almost too beautiful to use!

On the morning of the 24th, we headed to Green Bay. We found this B&B in the Astor Historic District only 2 miles from Lambeau in Green Bay. We stayed for two nights, and it was soooooooo relaxing.

Of course, on the night of the 25th we had to get in on the Packers/Bears tailgating action.

We were able to find our seats a little early and get acclimated to the stadium. I have a bit of anxiety in crowds - I'm not taking like 20 people crowds, I mean like 70,000 people crowds - so getting there early was very helpful for my stress level.

The energy in the stadium was out-of-this-world! Words cannot describe the environment that night. Being Christmas, a home game, an outdoor stadium, and playing the Bears - - all of those things contributed to the atmosphere in Lambeau. And the Packers sealing a WIN was pretty cool, too!

But it was cold, people. COLD!

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