Sewing: Something I should never, ever do again.

I wanted to make some bunting for the doorway between our living room and dining room. 

But I can't sew. 

I borrowed my sister's sewing machine for about a month, but it simply sat on my dining room table. I don't have the patience or fine motor skills to sew. The moment I sit down at the machine I can feel my body tense up, and after about 4.234 minutes I quit. 

Thankfully, dear sister Stephanie spent an evening with me and managed to finish my bunting project for me. 

She's so awesome. Her posture is much more natural than mine when I sit at the machine.

And look at those fine motor skills!

She zipped right through those triangles in about 30 minutes.

Needless to say, I packed up her machine and supplies and sent it home with her that night. I think that will be my last sewing project.

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