Manny's nemesis

Our dog Manny is my little ray of sunshine. He's a happy pup, and gives me an energy boost every day when I come home from work in an exhausted state. Like John, rarely does Manny get pissy. 

Except today. 

He was a pretty angry dog today. 

Because of this fatty. 

Before I divulge why Manny was so pissed off. I need to clear the air.

Yes, we have a squirrel feeder. Yep. Just like an 85-year-old woman with nothing better to do than feed the squirrels and look out her window. Two years ago for Christmas my brother made me a squirrel feeder, complete with a bucket of corn. He called it a "Squirrel Feeder Starter Kit."He knew my love of squirrels. I love their cute little hands, and their grippy little feet. Their chirping is like music to my ears. And don't get me started on how I adore when they whip their bushy tails. Melts my heart, people.

So when Manny was barking and tearing up my dining room curtains, I couldn't fathom why he would hate these adorable creatures. I mean, what could be so annoying about a squirrel? Furthermore, they're almost the only mammal that stays in Iowa during the winter.


Now I get it.

This squirrel clearly has nothing better to do than stare in our dining room window, munching on corn, and chirping at neighborhood dogs. This little fatty seems to be saying, "Look at me Manny, free as a bird, chillin' outside while you're stuck inside laying by the heat vent. My life is way better than yours!"

I guess I'd be pissy too.


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