Handyman Hubbs

I picked a good man. 

Mostly because he's handy. He can fix just about anything. Take, for instance, our sprayer hose on our kitchen sink. When our hose got a hole in it, John took a quick trip to Menards to get the hose and sprayer unit for our sink. 

Fifteen minutes later, and voile! Fixed and ready to use. What an awesome guy.

Another reason why he's so great is because he supports my wacky habit of rearranging and upcycling just about everything in our home.

Most recently, I grew tired of the medicine cabinet above my sink. The people we bought our home from about three years ago cut a lot of corners when remodeling the lower level. For instance, they bought a medicine cabinet for one of the sinks. It was a cabinet that should have been mounted inside the wall.

But they didn't mount it inside the wall.

No big deal, right?


It is a big deal, because I notice it every time I am in the bathroom and think, "Man, that looks sloppy."

So one morning I ripped it off the wall.

What did John do?

Freak out? Yell at me? Put it back on the wall?


He shrugged his shoulders and agreed to mount just the mirror door on the wall for me. Which I think gives the illusion of an inside-the-wall medicine cabinet.

And as you can see from the photo below, I do have a lot of under-the-sink storage, so I don't really need a medicine cabinet - just a mirror.

I spent a few minutes purging the medicine cabinet and reorganizing under the sink to accommodate my daily morning routine.

The man of the hour. 
Here's the finished product. It looks much more streamlined and minimalist.

This is by no means a permanent project. I want to paint our bathroom a clean grey this summer, or if financial means are available, I want to renovate our bathroom sometime in the next two years.

But I haven't told John of my master plan yet.


  1. With all the things that John have fixed in your home, I think he really deserves the Handyman Hubbs title. Hehe! Well, one of the things that a married man needs to be knowledgeable of is fixing the sink. I've noticed that it's one of the common issues that homeowners tend to worry about, so being able to work on it gives a man an advantage.

    1. Isn't 'the fixing of the sink' the quintessential job for the married man?! In all seriousness, I am so glad I married a man who works construction. Even though he's an electrician, he can do almost anything we need around the house. He's a man's man, that's for sure :)

  2. Hey brother,

    Very impressed with the medicine cabinet install, great stuff. This is a pretty cool site in general and I'm glad I stumbled across it. I think it's incredibly important to not only be sustainable in the way that you live, but also to be handy.

    Things break or need maintenance all the time and it's an important skill to have to be able to fix or repair it on your own. It makes you feel one with your home and living space. Very grounding.


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