Renovations in Our Historic Home From 2009 to 2011.

Hey there!

It's been just over four years since John and I bought our house, and besides getting married (and getting our pooch, Manny), it was one of the best decisions we've made as a couple. So, come on in a take a random photo-tour of our place. This isn't just any 'old photo-tour, however. This is a tour of the places in our home that I want to revamp and spruce up in 2012.

In efforts to make these photos as 'real' as possible, you'll notice that I didn't really clean up. I read some pretty wonderful blogs where people take readers on fantastic photo-tours of their impeccable homes. You ain't gonna find that here, hun. So, dear friends, help me out here and shoot me an email or leave a comment with some ideas to spruce up my not-so-impeccable spaces.

Anyhow, come on in. You don't even have to take your shoes off!

Spare bedroom - right now.
It was a child's room when we moved in. Think Thomas the Train meets... I don't know, something bad. Right now we are about 70% happy with the way this room is turning out.  
Spare bedroom - right now.
This is looking from the 'sitting room' of the spare bedroom. 
Spare bedroom - right now.
Looking into the 'sitting room', from the bed. 
Spare bedroom - right now.
Right side of the sitting room. Some of our Respite Care kiddos need a crib. 
Spare bedroom - right now.
Left site of the sitting room. Boring. 
Bathroom - before (looking to the left)
Bathroom - right now (looking to the left)
You'll see there are no real changes here. And that's why I still hate my bathroom.
Help me. Send backup! SOS!

Bathroom - right now (looking to the right)

Bathroom - right now (looking toward the right)
I really need to do something with this space in our bathroom. And although I could have shared a before photo, it was far too embarrassing. Sorry guys, I can't be that real. 
Dining room when we moved in. 

Dining room today.
Sorry about the lighting.
This room really is one of the brightest in our home. I love our dining room!
If only we ate in there. *sigh*
Dining room today (looking from the living room)
Dining room - today (looking toward the kitchen and living room)

Master bedroom, on our moving day. Pardon the mess. 
Master bedroom renovation. 

Outside of our home during the master bedroom renovation.  
I'm not going to show you our master bedroom "after", since it's an absolute mess. And my husband and a growling dog are nested up there and have no intentions of leaving this early.

Here's the view from the street. Everything looks a little crispy and brown. You can thank Mother Nature. 

I'll update this post as we change things up in 2012, until then - - ENJOY!

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