Being Opposites Keeps Our Marriage Lively.

Today I was sitting beside John at our kitchen island, enjoying lunch. It was a pretty typical Saturday lunch. No big deal. He grilled cheeseburgers, and I made buffalo chicken dip and served up some cottage cheese over pears. Who knew such a simple statement from John ("I don't know why you made this buffalo chicken crap. I don't even like buffalo sauce. You know that.") could spark a divine revelation.

What was that revelation, you ask?

I realized just how different we are from each other.

And I love it. We love it. There's really never a dull moment. Ok, there are a few dull moments, but even our dull moments are quirky.

Allow me to explain just how different we are, proving that opposites really do attract: 

John loves hot wings, but hates buffalo sauce.
I hate hot wings, but love buffalo sauce.

John likes to be hot.
I like to be cold.

John likes blues music.
I like country music.

John is 40.
I am 25.

John loves sweet foods.
I love savory foods.

John works a job where he showers after work.
I work in a job where I shower before work.

John has 7 siblings.
I have 2 siblings.

John is (and grew up) a 'townie'.
I grew up (and still am, at heart) a farm girl.

John's favorite meat is pork.
My favorite meat is beef.

John is the calmest, most level-headed person I know. He has one hell of a poker face. There are very few things that get John mad, and he is never jealous. Sometimes I wonder if his heart ever races. John is a logical person, and only takes calculated risks. He keeps me grounded. I love him.

I am high-strung, and a spaz. I get heated quickly, and my temper regularly gets the better of me. I cry on the drop of a hat, and my emotions are usually identified by the expression on my face or my body language. I love to dream, and often make impulsive decisions. I keep him on his toes.

He loves me.

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