A Busy Labor Day Weekend in the Kitchen and Garden.

Three days. Three glorious days.

I love being a teacher. The high school kids are awesome. They say funny things, they are exploring the edge of adulthood, they are seeing reason and logic in the world. Some of them even like language arts.

But man, it's overwhelming.

I am teaching English 11, English 9, Journalism 1, Journalism 2, and Yearbook. All. Year. Long. I see roughly 180 students per day. That means I have about 180 assignments to grade at any given moment. I curse my grade book at night when I should be cooking dinner, walking the dog, talking with John, or relaxing. I ask myself, "Who assigned this shit, anyway?!"

Oh. I did? That's right.

So, it's Labor Day weekend and I have three beautiful days off. I still have a stack of papers to grade, comments on student writing to make, and a week of lessons to plan - - but for now, I'll enjoy these three sunrises and sunsets and pray - PRAY - that I can make it through the school year. It's going to be a toss up.

Because my life is already crazy on the weekdays (and I don't even have kids yet), I decided I wanted to try more Crack Pot, ahem, I mean Crock Pot cooking. Like meatloaf for example. Here's where I got the recipe

Cook the 'loaf for about 5 to 6 hours on low. Classy. (I'll let ya know if it was de-lish later.) Note: The meatloaf was really, really good! I will definitely make it again. I added extra herbs and spices to the recipe, because I don't like a strong "meat-y" flavor. I won't do that again, though. Slow cooking intensifies the flavor of foods, while keeping it moist. Needless to say, John was burping all night and the scent made me want to vomit. Now 'ya really wanna make the 'loaf, dontchya?!

I also spent about 2 hours of my precious day on the front porch lesson planning for the upcoming week. I got to bark at cars and sniff stuff with Manny though, so it wasn't all bad. 

I scored on two big bags of tomatoes from our backyard neighbor. FYI: My sink is DEEP, and there are a LOT of toms in there. I ended up making 4 batches of pasta sauce and a batch of my favorite basting barbeque sauce. I am the queen of gleaning off of others - my parents, neighbors, strangers, whoever. I'm not greedy, I'm resourceful and frugal. 

Ok, maybe a little greedy, because I also "took" some peppers from him too. When I went take my clothes off the clothesline later that day I saw he hung a sack of green beans over the fence, too! How lucky am I?! I know...super lucky. 

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