The Beginning of a Green Thumb & The Sustainable Couple

Having summers off allows me to do everything that I've always wished for, and then some - like sleeping in until noon, lounging around in elastic-based clothing, eating at inconsistent hours, having dirty feet 'cuz I never wear shoes, catching rays in the backyard, and fartin' around on Facebook for hours.

You might think this was my college itinerary (it was), but then you might think, "Well, she's a teacher, so of course she doesn't do anything during June, July and August. This is most surely her summer teacher schedule." But then reality would hit you like a sack-a-taters and you'd realize that teachers DON'T really get summers off! For instance, for the last four summers that I've been a teacher I have either taken classes for a new teaching endorsement, I've written 10 months worth of curriculum for a brand new class (or two!), or I've been diligently working on my Masters degree.

Well folks, I'm (and J. Oh, most definitely J!) proud to announce that I will be DONE with my Masters degree in mid-July. What will she do with all of her "free time", you ask? Nothing. Jack shit. Not a damn thing. Except....tend to my garden (and write 10 months of curriculum for English 9 - but that's beside the point).

I've had a backyard garden for three years, but this year (in anticipation of more "free time" thanks to my graduation) I had J till a much larger patch to plant more veggies I've been dying to experiment with. If I'm not answering my phone, and you haven't seen me on Facebook for a few hours then you can find me in the backyard in elastic-based clothing catching some rays and tending to the flock. Will I have a green thumb? No, probably not. But I will surely have dirty feet.

Some things never change.

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