Preparing Our Home For Foster Children.

Blogger's Note - 3/14/14: This post was written a few years before we started a quest to live a toxin and chemical free lifestyle. Foster parenting actually prompted us to eliminate store bought 'cleansers' from our home. Seeing these photos makes me cringe!

We attended our first foster/adoptive training class last week, and after 3 hours of information overload we left Four Oaks with about 40 pages of paperwork and the challenge to begin prepping our home for our Home Study. The PS-MAPP instructors (who are also social workers) gave us a heads up regarding some of the things they will look for when they enter our homes - the list was exhausting!

Today I spent the good part of the afternoon sorting through OTC medications, tossing expired meds and putting others in a tote on a high shelf in our laundry closet. Nothing should be accessible to a child, so standard medicine cabinets are not a good place for prescription or OTC medications. J and I also have to lock up all cleaning products. This means that our standard clutter-under-the-sink has to go!

 (This "before" photo of our under-the-sink treasures doesn't nearly do justice to the nastiness that it beholds. I'm actually grateful for this excuse to clean this much-procrastinated area of my kitchen!)

 (Can you believe all of these are our cleaning supplies?! Some of these things haven't even been used! Furthermore, many of these supplies are highly toxic, so I took much pleasure in ridding my cleaning regimine of such toxic chemicals - - this is just one more step to a green, eco-friendly, non-toxic home!)

(So here's what that cabinet looks like now: Fresh, clean, tidy. *sigh of satisfaction* However, that Pine-Sol is illegal contriband and will have to be trashed before our Home Study. I just can't part with 'the power of Pine-Sol, baby!')

We still need to install child locks on many of our cabinets, put outlet covers on, and do a few more little things around the house. For now, I'm satisfied with the small amount of progress we've made. There's much bigger fish to fry in the coming weeks. We've completed about half of the paperwork due for next week, so I'd best finish up this post and get back to the fun!

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