Urban Chickens

After four months of information gathering and collaboration with our City Council, they voted in favor of a chicken ordinance, 6 to 1. If you're looking to work with your city officials to support urban agriculture and allow backyard chickens in your area, perhaps we could help.

To get the ordinance passed in our community, we: 

  • Attended every.single.council.meeting., and most work sessions. 
  • Wrote multiple letters to the editor of our local newspaper
  • Emailed, called, and visited agriculture experts, animal control facilities, farmers, CSA owners, healthy living gurus, and eco-living supporters. 
  • Met with and spoke on the phone with council members out of office hours. 
  • Spread the word of our quest on social media. 
  • Most importantly, for other people involved! Supporters wrote emails, letters, called, and attended council meetings to show their support of backyard chickens. 

To be successful, you must: 

  • Be visible. 
  • Be courteous and tactful. 
  • Have thick skin. 
  • Know your stuff. 
  • Always have a positive approach. 

If you would like any of the resources or copies of the documents we used in our city, please email me!

johnkellilane (at) gmail (dot) com

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  1. Hey John & Kelli! Love your blog, and I'm happy to hear of your victory with your chickens.. We've got 4 lovely ladies in our backyard too and they really are so wonderful to live with.

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Fred! Check out our Events tab for upcoming classes.

  3. Jody and Frank would just like to thank you for helping us get our chickens at the nursing home. We are happy to say they have finally stared laying eggs!!


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