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We were recently featured on the following sites - check 'em out:

We've partnered with the Iowa Food and Family Project, and shared posts on pork, dairy, eggs, turkey, beef, and corn. 

Our partnership with Iowa Pork is here

Simplify Live Love
(Our guest post is here. And there's another one here.)

(Our guest post for Ally's Sweet & Savory Eats is here)

(I was featured on this blog hop.)
(I was featured on this blog hop.)

(We were selected for the 'Fellow Homesteadian' series, published HERE.)

(We shared our story about being foster parents HERE.)


(We were mentioned here as a part of 421 Design's 'favorite blog round-up'.)

Summers Acres: The HomeAcre Hop
 (We were the Featured Post for one of their weekly blog hops.)

(We became pretty well-known in our community thanks to a four-month collaboration with our city council on an urban chicken ordinance. Here's a piece from our local newspaper.)

(The Sustainable Couple got a mention in the Wini Moranville's Des Moines Register column, All Things Food.)

(This guest post was a tutorial for DIY Herb Planters.)

(We've done a series of posts for Aubrey at Homegrown and Healthy. Here's one on making the most of your outdoor space in town. Here's another on feeding chickens on a budget.)

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