About Us

Hi! I'm so glad you joined us.

I'm Kelli. And I'm the main voice of this blog. As in, I do 99.9% of the writing.

However, add my Homestud (John) …

...and our dogs (Manny and Bruce)...

Photo by K. Eagle Photography
... and you get us. The Sustainable Couple. We're an everyday, Iowa born-and-raised couple, and we always keep it real.

I am a former high school English and journalism teacher (turned educational mentor and blogger), and John is an electrician who spends much of his time on the road. (Read about that here and here.) We've lived a pretty traditional life for the last six years, but things changed when I quit my full-time teaching gig to do a little traveling with John. (You can read more about that here and here and here.) Now that I am working full-time in education again, we are focusing more on developing a thriving urban farm.

You've probably gathered that life, with us, is always an adventure.

Together we enjoy making our one-third acre city lot a more sustainable place. This includes growing a ton of food in our front yard and backyard, keeping chickens and honeybees, composting, vermicomposting, cooking from scratch, and using essential oils to maintain our health and wellness.  We believe in living a self-sufficient lifestyle (mentally and physically) and are slowly transforming our practices to encompass those beliefs. We dig simple, frugal living.

You were warned.

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