When I Listen.

My body says some incredible things to my mind. Only, most times my mind is not patient, empathetic, or quiet enough to listen. My mind is the 'doer'. My mind is efficient, sharp, and thrives on praise and recognition. (The praise and recognition can come from anyone, even myself, it doesn't care.) 

My body is quiet, shy, and doesn't ask for much. My body has a long fuse and is slow to upset or anger. My body rides in the back seat, doesn't mind coming in second place (or even dead last), and doesn't demand much.

Have you ever tried personifying your mind and your body like this? If you haven't give it a shot. It will be weird and you might struggle to find the words, but it also might bring great clarity to the relationship your body and mind have with each other. 

Our bodies and minds are always having a conversation, back-and-forth all day long. I've become quite adept at listening to this conversation. The next step is using what I've heard to inform my actions and choices. 

For example, Saturday night at a dear cousin's wedding my body was telling my mind that it was tired, exhausted. Too much sun over the last week, too little water, too much 'doing', long nights and early mornings.

My mind said, "Girl, you're fine. Suck it up. You're being weak. Take a selfie with your homestud."

Those of us with minds that like to run fast and be big probably have bodies that are quiet. Until they're not. Until our bodies muster the gall to say, "STOP! Just stop. Please. I am so tired and want to take a little break. Can we do that for a minute?"

How many of you are nodding your head in agreement? 

Today my body sent a message that it doesn't often send. I had a migraine for most the day. When I woke up in the middle of the night I knew it was coming, and my 9am I was nauseous and had a bouncing left eye. Stress and busy-ness and pushing myself too hard for so long had taken it's course. I stayed home from work sick. My mind was ashamed. My body rejoiced.

"I need respite," my body said, aware that it had my attention. So, I sat on the porch with my eyes closed for over an hour. I listened to the birds. I felt the humid air on my skin, and a pup laying on my feet.

I made a late breakfast.

This was a breakfast that one makes for a person they love. A love-letter breakfast to myself. Lactino kale, thin green beans, sugar peas, spring onion, fresh dill, ground pork from my dad, an over-easy egg on top, and a sprinkling of pink Himalayan salt. 

I enjoyed it with room-temperature water in my favorite handmade mug on the porch, with the same pups sitting on my feet. This was the breakfast that my body needed for some time. It tired of the protein shakes and the carbs. It needed vegetables. Fat.

Have you heard that people who love each other, cook for each other? In effort to love my body more, I commit to cooking for it in a way that shows my love.

It takes so long to wise up and listen to the messages our bodies are sending. Another commitment of mine is to listen the first time.

My emotional health, friendships, marriage, and work will be better because of it.

Tell me your thoughts. Do you listen to your body? What messages do you hear?


  1. Mine is telling me, be more active...eat less crap!

    1. See, you're listening! You have young children who are super active; it shouldn't be too hard to get moving. YOU CAN DO IT!

  2. Christina SpencerJuly 9, 2018 at 9:43 PM

    What you described was me several years ago. Fulltime work, different shifts as a nurse. On call. Going to school. Kept pushing forward. Until my body screamed "NO"!! It would present itself as a migraine that woke me up from a dead sleep. At times I worried that I was having a stroke, it hurt so bad. This would happen several times each month. I still didn't listen.
    Then, my husband was diagnosed with cancer. And I had that moment when I suddenly understood what was important in life. We both did. And decided to make changes in our life.
    He is now 5 years cancer free. We have downsized our living and work part time. No more crazy shifts or on call. Little to no stress. And guess what? In the past 6 months, only one migraine headache��

    1. Goodness, Christina. You and I are so alike. I am so fortunate to have you in my life. Thanks for sharing; it's inspiring to see that if I stay on the right path, I can find relief too! Many congratulations and well-wishes to your homestud.

  3. What a great concept. My body is frustrated because my mind keeps telling it that it’s not good enough, or strong enough. Then my mind says to eat garbage and stay sitting in the shade. And my body asks for good food and movement and my mind says “you’re worthless because you don’t look the way I think you should and therefore I’m not going to treat you kindly even though you’ve done everything I’ve ever asked of you.” Maybe it’s time to break up with my mind.

    1. You and me both; a breakup is in order! Our minds are LIARS sometimes. When I ask myself if I would talk to a friend (or even a stranger) the way I talk to myself, I am so shocked and ashamed. Feel free to email me - johnkellilane@gmail.com - I am happy to help you censor some of the lies your mind is telling your body. We can do it, together!

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