Urban Homestead Meal Plan - Week of 12/19

It's moving week! John and I are packing the last of our belongings, and are kissing our urban homestead goodbye. 

Literally, we're kissing the gorgeous old woodwork, the tall ceilings, the floor to ceiling windows, and the fun quirks of this 1800s home as we part ways. I am going to miss this place. Deeply. I was taking curtains down on Saturday, and caught a glimpse of the snow falling. I stood there for a minute and before I knew it I was crying. This was the last snowfall I'd see from these old windows, and it just hurt my heart a little. 

We're eager to move into our little rental apartment for the next 6 months, because that means we're one step closer to our dream homestead. 

Merry Christmas!

In this week's meal plan (which is sometimes a photo of our menu board in our kitchen, sometimes a screenshot of my Real Plans, sometimes a simple list with links to recipes), you'll find several homegrown or local item from our urban homestead. Of course, there will be a few repeats throughout the week since we try to eat in-season and lots of leftovers for lunch. Breakfast is usually a smoothie or steel cut oats; something that can be prepared quickly in the morning. 

Monday - Roasted butternut squash with crumbled bacon and a side of steamed broccoli
Tuesday - Roasted chicken thighs with homemade pico de gallo and steamed asparagus
Wednesday - I am at a meeting, so we're going to try to make healthy choices at a restaurant. 
Thursday - Veggie stir fry with some sort of homemade sauce (Cleaning out the fridge of any and all veggies!)
Friday - Moving Day! I have no idea what we'll eat. 
Saturday - Turkey meatballs and homemade marinara sauce over cauliflower rice (in our new rental digs!)
Sunday - Merry Christmas!

It might seem complicating to eat locally and in season, but we actually get the bulk of our meal plan ideas from Real Plans. You can go here to learn more!


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