Preparing for Our RURAL Homestead.

This is a post I never thought I'd write. To be honest, John and I have been so content here on our urban homestead that we never had huge intentions of moving. We'd put so much work into our home and our gardens; how could we ever leave?

As it goes with city living, the walls felt like they were closing in. There was something we were seeking, although at the time we didn't know what it was. For a spell we hired a realtor/friend to keep an eye out for properties that matched our criteria, and then stopped looking after being discouraged with what was available in our area.

Life went on.

Then, several months later by mere chance, we happened upon a piece of land. And we bought it.

We purchased this small acreage in late summer, without a clue as to what we'd do with it. All we knew was this chunk of timber was filling a few of the holes we felt in our souls. John and I spent many days over the summer parked on a gravel road, hiking in to our new property. It felt so good, like this is exactly where we should be.

Slowly our plan started to take shape. We installed a driveway and had some of the brush cleared. In the spring, we'll begin the work, full-force, to start over on our new homestead in the country. Some of those details I will share soon.

About a month ago we listed our beloved urban homestead - a place where we've loved and cried and sweated and fought and laughed for nearly 10 years. I cried minutes after our realtor left on the evening that we prepared the MLS listing. Could I really leave this home? Could I really leave the city that I've called home since I graduated high school?

I can. And I will.

Already we've been enjoying the property. We visit after work and have a fire. We take down trees in preparation for the very small home we will build in the spring.

We go for hikes near the ravine. We sit in the lawn chairs we've drug out to the woods and listen to the birds and the squirrels and a train in the distance. We look for the deer that are traipsing through our property while we are gone.

I pray. I meditate. I thank God for speaking to us so clearly and guiding our decisions.

The future holds some exciting things here at The Sustainable Couple. Of course we will share our experiences transitioning to our rural homestead, and truly look forward to having you along on this journey.



  1. I am thrilled for you! And I can't wait to join you on your new journey. I would do exactly the same think if I could!

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