Week of 10/17 - Urban Homestead Meal Plan

Wow, has it been a week already? Since our home was listed for sale about 2 weeks ago things have been a blur. So blurry, in fact, that I didn't publish a post that I wanted to share with you last Thursday. No fear, friends. I have it scheduled for this Thursday and I think you'll love it.

This week looks to be just as crazy, sadly. Between work, selling our home, planning our 'new' life on our property, teaching urban farming classes and blogging it seems that self-care gets lost in the shuffle. Those of you who know me well know that I do not practice self-care very easily. It's hard for me to focus on myself, mostly because so much of my life right now seems like a shit show so focusing on anything but myself is a consolation prize. 

I am doing a few things to recharge my batteries, but to be honest: I am failing miserably. That's really the only excuse I have for not blogging regularly. It's simply because something has to give. It's quite sad, actually. Blogging is one of the things that brings me great joy. 

Let's change the subject and talk about what we're eating this week, m'kay? (See how I am diverting the focus? Smooth.)

In this week's meal plan (which is sometimes a photo of our menu board in our kitchen, sometimes a screenshot of my Real Plans, sometimes a simple list with links to recipes), you'll find several homegrown or local item from our urban homestead. Of course, there will be a few repeats throughout the week since we try to eat in-season and lots of leftovers for lunch. Breakfast is usually a smoothie or steel cut oats; something that can be prepared quickly in the morning. 

Monday - Homemade tomato soup and a side salad (didn't make this last week since we had a bazillion showings of our home)
Tuesday - We're teaching an Urban Farming Series, so dinner will be a homemade frozen pizza and a salad.
Wednesday - Slow cooker chicken tacos and quinoa
Thursday - I am working a wine class at my favorite food co-op, so dinner will be something I grab from there.
Friday - Veggie quesadillas and a side salad
Saturday -  We're celebrating a wedding!
Sunday - A HUGE salad (we bought a pound box of greens that needs to be eaten) with any veggies and chicken that needs to go

It might seem complicating to eat locally and in season, but we actually get the bulk of our meal plan ideas from Real Plans. You can go here to learn more!

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