Beautifying our Porch with Clover's Garden Mosquito-Repelling Plants.

Friends, it's almost time to celebrate: School is almost out for the year! I have about 2 more weeks until summer break, which is just about as much as I can tolerate right now. To keep my stress level down I often start my day with breakfast and my daily devotional on my front porch. It's such a peaceful spot to start my day, especially now that we are adding more edible landscaping and flowers to our front yard. 

Over the weekend a special package from Clover's Garden arrived at my door, and it contained a trio of plants that repel mosquitos. You know me and my aversion to applying chemicals to my body (or food, or home, or pets…), so when I found a better, all-natural way to protect us from mosquitoes and get more flowers, I was all ears.

Let's get some education first. 

Mosquitoes hate these plants: Citronella Geranium, Lemon Grass, and Lantana. I love them, though, because they’re easy to grow, fit into most any landscape, and thrive from early spring to late fall. Each plant should grow large and bush out to up to four feet. The thick, lush foliage makes a great backdrop for containers or patio edging and their leaves give off a lemony, citronella-scent.

I received three Mosquito Plants, three Lemon Grass, and three Lantana; they'll fit in just perfectly around our front porch. All three plants’ leaves give off a lemony, citronella-scent that repels mosquitoes. Just rustling, crushing, or cutting the leaves releases the scent.

You can buy the Mosquito Trio by going to this link, and all mosquito-repellent plants can be found at their website. You can also get a FREE ebook version of the Clover's Garden book, including access to all of their gardening ebooks (Mosquito Repellent Plants, Guide to Growing Peppers, Guide to Seed Starting, Maple Tapping) by going to this link.

Because natural alternatives to chemicals, including pest control, are so important to John and I, we partnered with Clover's Garden to offer a giveaway! Here's what you need to know, including the Rafflecopter link below:

This Mosquito Trio giveaway includes each of the plants plus Clovers Garden’s exclusive book, Mosquito Repellent Plants. 

(You can also buy these plants individually at the Clovers website. If you’d like a FREE Mosquito Repellent Plants ebook, sign up for their gardening newsletter and you’ll get instant access to the book, just visit this link to sign up.)


  1. I love lantana! I think it's such a cute flower! I had no idea it repels mosquitos...

  2. I had no idea about any of these doing that.
    My natural alernatives I am going to try this year are with my essential oils and now maybe these plants you've mentioned!

  3. Yay this is cool. I feel like the mosquitoes are bad by my house because I'm by a creek.

  4. Yay this is cool. I feel like the mosquitoes are bad by my house because I'm by a creek.

  5. Lantana is so awesome. We had it when we lived in Phoenix, but don't have any here. My favorite natural remedies are companion plants in the garden! Cucumbers and radish for instance, to repel cucumber beetle. <3 Great post, Kelli.

  6. I just planted some lemon grass this year, but I love the idea of flowering plants that mosquitos don't like!!

  7. I use essential oils, but I love that there are plants that do this!

  8. I am just learning about alternatives to the "typical Mosquito repellant". Thanks for the info!

  9. These sound amazing!!! I hate mosquitos those things bite my husband and me every year they are horrible!

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