MightyFix Provides Eco-Focused Products to Make Life Greener.

This post is sponsored by Mighty Nest. All opinions are my own. Additionally, John and I were members of MightFix for six months before being asked to write this post, and are doing so based on our amazing experiences with this company. 

  1. Bees Wraps. 
  2. Reusable produce bags. 
  3. Stainless steel drinking straws. 
  4. Reusable snack and sandwich baggies. 
  5. Eco-friendly dish cloths. 
  6. Wool dryer balls
For the last six months John and I have been MightyFix subscribers, which means an awesome company called Mighty Nest sends us a new product that is designed to be a reusable or eco-friendly alternative to a common disposable product. The six items listed above were our MightFix deliveries for the last six months. All of those products were valued at about $15, but we received them delivered right to our door for $10 total

I am honored to tell you more about Mighty Nest's monthly subscription program, MightyFix, because they have helped us make small yet incremental changes in sustainability. 

In April the MightyFix subscription contains a set of 100% organic hand-felted wool dryer balls. Y'all know my love for wool dryer balls. I've been singing their praises on Facebook and Instagram for quite some time. 

Adding wool dryer balls to your dryer will soften your clothes without the use of synthetic chemicals, decrease drying time significantly which saves money on utility bills, and reduce static and save the landfill from disposable dryer sheets. Toss 2-3 balls in at the beginning of the cycle and continue reusing for years. Plus April's MightyFix will include a DIY laundry detergent and stain remover recipe. (One of my favorite parts about my monthly MightFix is the informational card included in each package.)

The cool thing about a MightyFix membership is the additional savings for signing up today, and for being a monthly member. For example, this month's MightyFix retail cost for 3 wool dryer balls is $15 + $5.95 for shipping ($20.95). As a regular MightyFix subscriber, you get this amazing product for $10 (that's John and I) but in this promotion for new MightyFix users, you can sign up for $3!

Wool dryer balls are an awesome investment, and thanks to MightyFix, they are super affordable on top of the other great benefits: They shorten drying time, soften fabric, and reduce static. They help bed sheets stay untangled, and the MightFix dryer balls are made of 100% premium New Zealand Wool. Smart Sheep dryer balls are all-natural, with no synthetic fibers or chemicals used. They will not unravel and will last for years. Wool dryer balls are quieter and more gentle on clothing than plastic dryer balls. Using dryer balls also saves your dryer from residues left from chemical fabric softeners. 

Just GO HERE to sign up using our special referral link, which will allow you to take advantage of the April wool dryer ball promotion for $3. Our referral code is: COUPLEDRYERFIX. Feel free to share that link or the referral code with your friends. This is truly an unbeatable deal!


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