Thoughts on Renewal.

There are times when I am bustling from one place to the next, tired and irritable, and I think to myself, "Man, I would rather be at home, relaxing. Who planned this crazy busy day, anyway?"

Me. I did.

I plan those crazy busy days. I am the person to blame. I am at fault for pushing myself to the brink of mental exhaustion, and I am the only person who can and bring myself back from the edge.

Life has been busy lately. Busy with "little" things that are actually a manifestation of procrastination of priority tasks I am avoiding. I've also been busy with some wonderful things that are bringing me great joy. Can I tell you a little about these things?

  • John and I are teaching backyard chicken certification classes at the Indian Creek Nature Center about once a month. We took a break in the fall, but are back to volunteering to teach these classes.
  • John and I also launched two new series at the Marion Public Library: Urban Farming and Chicken Keeping. The Urban Farming Series is wildly popular, and booked up quickly. The Chicken Keeping Series hasn't started yet, but we think it will be equally popular. These two series are in conjunction with our blog, and we are so excited!
  • I teach Young Living Essential Oil classes at my sister's spa once a month. Stephanie and I work well together, and her new spa is beautiful. I really respect her entrepreneurial spirit and am grateful she is also a natural living advocate.
  • I still have a 'day job' mentoring new teachers which is, so far, something I consider to be my life's work. There is something about being in the schools with my brand new teachers, supporting them with their challenges and celebrating their successes, that adds vigor to my life.
  • I am eagerly planning my 2016 garden and preparing for new chicks in the spring!
  • I am practicing self-care by reforming my diet (even more than I already have!) and establishing an exercise regimen. I had a startling visit to my doctor after I fainted three times in only a couple months. I am not ready to share those details on The Sustainable Couple (yet), but when I hit my health and fitness goals I will let you in on the details.
  • On Wednesday evenings I am working through The Daniel Plan with a great group of women at A Place 4 Friends. This is an overall wellness program with a huge faith component, designed for groups of people. Deb and Karmen are two of my buddies whom are keeping me accountable. Hey girls!
  • Lastly, I am working through an intensive 16-week mentoring program for my Young Living Essential Oil business. Wow, is it hard! Yet, I am seeing more growth - personally and professionally - in just a couple weeks than I ever thought I would.

All of this leaves me exhausted.
Leaves me excited.
Leaves me stretched, in the best possible way. You know I love a challenge.
And leaves me needing renewal.

It's time to make serious efforts to prioritize tasks and events (my health, first and foremost), to schedule time for rest and renewal in my week before I get to a breaking point, and to avoid busying myself with 'little things'.

This weekend I am taking some time for renewal. I am going to attempt to take a nap. (It's nearly impossible. I can't shut down.) I am going to do some kick ass cooking. I am going to read. I am going to have coffee with a couple friends.

I might even snuggle with the train wreck in our home, who is also known as Bruce.

 No kisses for or from him, though.

What are you doing to renew your spirits this week?

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