Refocusing. And a Hiatus.

Hey party people!

I wanted to check in with you regarding a little hiatus I am taking for the next two or three weeks. I am back to work for the school year, and am eager to reconnect with my teachers and colleagues. Every fall, when the new school year begins, I am zapped from all energy as I try to adjust to my schedule.

Let's face it. For the next 9.5 months, I am going to be working balls to the walls. I know you have a teacher in your life that will give you the deets on how challenging our schedule is, so I won't belabor the point.

Because that isn't really the point of this post.

The point is, I am going to only be sharing the Mostly Homemade Mondays blog hop for the next 2 or three weeks. You won't find a new post on Thursdays for a bit, but you will still find me on Instagram and Facebook.

You know I can't withhold garden haul pics and chicken selfies from you guys. 

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  1. Have a good hiatus! I'm tempted to take one too. Sometimes it's nice to just update on IG, Facebook, or Twitter.


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