Tips for Diffusing Oils.

Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor. That's why you shouldn't take any of my words on essential oils as medical advice. I'm simply sharing my experiences with essential oils and how we use them for our own health and in our home. Please use good judgement and seek medical advice from a professional for any ailment. 

This healthy, eco-friendly living quest of ours has really transformed our home. In many ways, this transformation is a compilation of a bunch of small changes that we’ve made that amount to a great change. A few of those small changes we implemented right away included using cloth napkins, changing to Time of Day Billing for our electric bill, making our own cleaning products, and cooking from scratch.

About a year ago, I bought Young Living’s Premium Starter Kit after becoming a member and dove into using essential oils to support my emotional and mental health, our physical well-being, a cleaner home, and aromatherapy.

The very first way I used essential oils was by diffusing them. Really, that’s the easiest way for an essential oil novice to get started.

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A diffuser is a tool that mixes your essential oil with water and releases an ultra-fine mist into the air. 
There is no heat to the diffuser, since heat can compromise the quality of the essential oil, but there are a few different types of diffusers. You can read about them here. A humidifier and a diffuser are two different things. Don’t put essential oils into your humidifier! 
Do you use multiple rooms of your home all the time? Get multiple diffusers. You won't regret it. 

The first diffuser I used was part of my Premium Starter Kit, but I also have two of these for other areas of my home. I also have one of these for my car, and am looking into one of these for more portability.

When you get your essential oils and diffuser, here are a few things I recommend:
  • Keep the diffuser clean! This includes using the little brush every few days to clean out the water well, as well as dusting the bottom of the diffuser where the fan turns. A diffuser will last for a lonnnngggg time, but only if you maintain it. Also, Young Living diffusers come with a 1 year warranty, just in case.
  • Use 5-7 drops of oil. Some oily experts recommend using 8-10 drops, or more. I find that for most rooms in our home, 5-7 drops of oil is sufficient. If I am diffusing an oil for air purification, I will definitely use 8-10 drops of oil (like Thieves or Purification). 
  • Mix and match your oils! You can use a few drops of a variety of oils to create your own blend. You can read about some of my favorite blends here. 
  • Place the diffuser in a convenient place. I find that if I put my diffuser in a place that is easy to access, I will use it more. For this reason, I keep my Young Living diffuser on an end table in our living room, another on our kitchen counter, and another on a stand in our bedroom. The diffuser in our bedroom is least convenient to use, since we don’t have a sink nearby to fill it. However, I fill the diffuser each night before bed from a glass of water I bring upstairs, then bring the empty glass downstairs in the morning when we wake up. 
Are you familiar with oils? What essential oil diffusing tips to you have? Tell me about it, and your favorite diffuser!

You can catch up on our essential oil series by heading to the following posts for more specific information:
Ready to get oily? 
Well, first I'd recommend learning more about the Young Living Wholesale Membership. If you're going to invest in some oils, you might as well get them at the wholesale price (24% off retail!). To set up your wholesale account, all you need to do is:

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3. Optional: Sign up for Essential Rewards, which is a monthly auto-ship program. This is totally optional, and you can choose to sign up for the monthly auto-ship later, if you want.
4. Once you enter your payment for your starter kit, you're set! Just sit back and relax until your kit is delivered.

If a wholesale account isn't for you, and you just want to order a few oils to get started, just go here to set up your retail account, then feel free to browse the products. Just be sure to enter in this ID number when you set up your retail account: 1880846

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  1. Hi Kelly! I think you read my mind:) I was just wondering a couple of days ago if you could make your own diffuser? I kind of don't want to purchase anything that I can't make some other way, I have seen so cool DIY ideas and at the moment I'm somehow switched into against-purchase-mode:D (probably partly because of travelling).. but I'm constantly thinking about my home and how to make it more comfy and nice, without cluttering it.. I have seen those that look like an ordinary glass jar/vase, filled with water and oil blend and they usually have wooden sticks in. What do you think of those? I think they look kind of cool and even a bit decorative, but are they of any use?

    PS: I closed Ten Healthy..for several reasons and started a new one (cause I have a blogging soul), but it's still me, your fan Laura!:)

    PPS: I have thought about it a thousand times, but I think never mentioned - your house looks awesome, like a princess castle!!!:)

    1. Hi Laura! Where can I find your new blog? A reed diffuser is an option for diffusing oils, but probably not the best for the aromatic benefits of essential oils. You can find some affordable diffusers on Amazon, just be sure they don't have a heating element, as it compromises the quality of the oil.

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