Iowa's only float tank supports deeper, total relaxation. #RESTtank #isolationtank #float

I chugged my way through the after-work traffic (the day after we had 11 inches of snowfall) to head to Jackie's house to check out Iowa's only float tank. I knew I was going to be seeing something cool; something brand new to me. Except, on that drive over I couldn't focus on Jackie or her float tank.

I was concentrating on the traction control light on my dash that kept going off on my icy drive to her house. I got hung up on finding the right address, but made two wrong turns anyway. I parked next to Jackie's house, then slipped on the ice and landed on my hands and knees right in front of a busy intersection.

Needless to say, when I rang Jackie's doorbell I wasn't in the right frame of mind to hear about a float tank. My knees hurt. My brain hurt. My pride hurt.

Then she opened the door and welcomed me right in.

"Are you OK with dogs?"

Uh, psh-yeah! Things are starting to look up.

It was when Jackie started telling me about how she and her boyfriend, became intentional with their time that I knew I was meant to have this conversation with her. On this day. Right after I worked a long day with my teachers and finished mountains of paperwork and struggled through the traffic and slipped on the ice.

"We are dedicating time to make sure we're happy with our careers and each other. It's deliberate and mindful and intentional," Jackie said. "It makes life easier when we aren't fighting everything."

You're right. You're so right.

And that's where the Samadhi float tank, or REST tank, comes in. This is, after all, the whole reason why I was visiting Jackie today. This is a tool that helps 'floaters' stop fighting with everything around them.

According to the Samadhi website, a float tank is a tool "allowing the body the freedom of zero gravity, the mind the absence of external stimuli."

Jackie even sets up her tank room to to get a person prepared for such an environment. Take a look at her room, both dimly lit and with the lights on: 

Honest Floating, a branch of Jackie's health coaching company (Honest Living), is the only company in Iowa that offers a float tank. The nearest tank to Eastern Iowa is about 4 hours away in Rockford.

Floating in a float tank is a unique experience. There is no light, no sound, and the temperature of the air and water is regulated to be the same as the skin. Essentially, the float tank eliminates all stimulus from a person, so the floater can be perfectly suspended for optimal relaxation and meditation.

"The brain needs relaxation, and it's a different sensation than being asleep or relaxed," Jackie said.

Jackie's first experience in a float tank forced her to relax.

"The experience was a powerful insight. I was able to unplug my brain and realize I really am sane and will be OK [after a personally challenging year]."

It was earlier when Jackie found herself with high cholesterol, insurmountable stress, and a very demanding professional life. Her body ached, her head hurt, she was exhausted. She soon found her path to health and wellness and began a successful catering business with her late father. After abandoning "the idea of 'People Magazine healthy', where keeping up with mainstream ideals of what we think healthy looks like", and passing on her catering business to a new investor, Jackie refocused and started Honest Living; her health coaching business.

Jackie and a small group of coaches guide their clients through a variety of avenues of healthy living, depending on their goals. You can read more about the health coaching part of her business here.

Soon afterwards came Honest Floating; Iowa's only float tank.

Currently Honest Floating hosts 2 to 3 floaters per day, Tuesday through Friday during normal business hours. To contact Jackie and learn more about Honest Floating's tank, visit her website or go here to learn more about her float tank.

"I encourage everyone to be an investigator of their own interests to make a better life for themselves," she said. "There are so many options for living a healthy and happy life."

In the spirit of that investigation, you can watch a short documentary about floating here.

Are you a floater? Have you ever thought of floating before? 

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  1. Thank you so much Kelli! What a well written and priceless write-up. Thank you!

  2. wow, sounds very cool. I have never heard of it. Will google to see if it is in Florida yet. Sounds a little like being back in the womb maybe? :) Thanks for the info

    1. You're welcome! And yes, I've heard it is much like being in the womb.

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