Essential Oils Series: Healthy Skin

Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor. In fact, I have no medical experience whatsoever. That's why you shouldn't take any of my words on essential oils as medical advice. I'm simply sharing my experiences with essential oils and how we use them for our own health and in our home. Please use good judgement and seek medical advice from a professional for any ailment.

Back in my teaching days - this makes me sound old, really it was about 4 years ago - I had the chance to observe some of my colleagues in action. The idea was that we would observe their practice and seek out strategies and tips for improving our own. I happened to observe my science teacher friend (Hey, Jessica!), and while I got a wealth of ideas for my language arts classroom, I came away with an interesting fact: A persons skin is their largest organ, and it's the only organ located on the 'outside' of the body.

Jessica went on to teach her Biology class about the different organs in a body and their purposes; each playing an essential role in our survival. However, she always came back to the skin. It seems natural, right, that we would take special care of our skin? It's our largest organ, on display for the world to see, vulnerable to the elements.

Today I have a few of my favorite skincare oils to share with you. These oils are a little more pricy than those sweet-smelling citrus oils that I am diffusing in our home, however, each of these oils are recommended for healthy skin.


This oil is an all purpose oil in my collection. I use it to sooth minor skin irritations.


The smell of this oil is woodsy, which is said to be calming. Plus, good ol' Frank is great for signs of aging on the skin. A few times a week I dab that drop on my age spots. They began to fade a bit after about 3 weeks of continual application.

Blue Cypress

Great mixed in with a carrier oil (like coconut, jojoba, or sweet almond) for dry skin. Added bonus: It also serves as a mosquito repellant.


Can be used as a toner for overall skin health. Plus, the smell is fantastic. I don't use Elemi daily, rather about 2-3 times a week. One drop on my fingertips, then rubbed on my face before applying any makeup. Avoid the eye area.

Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca Alternifolia)

Like lavender, tea tree oil is an all purpose oil. However, tea tree oil can be a cleanser for the skin. I don't make my own skincare products, but some of my favorites made by others include tea tree oil. I think the secret is finding the perfect combination. Until I do, I am happy buying my cleansers from someone a little more experienced :)

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