Finally Installing a Garage Wood Stove.

If you're looking for instructions on how to install a wood stove in your garage, this is not the post for you. I'm simply here to share some joy, people.

My homestud, John, is a happy, happy man.

His garage is now complete with two repurposed work benches and a fully-operational wood stove. You might remember that last year for Christmas, I refinished my dad's 1908 cast iron wood stove with the help of my brother and father.

It was the perfect gift for John, but he spent the rest of the winter in Alabama and Arkansas for work, and wasn't able to use it.

After a weekend of trips back and forth to the hardware store for the stove pipes and a truckload of firewood from a local guy who operates a tree service, John is a happy man.

If you are, however, looking for instructions on how to install a wood stove in your garage, John said he recommends good ol' Google. He found dozens of articles and videos that safely led him through the installation process. 

Hell, we can't be experts on everything, right? 

What are some of the winter projects on your agenda this season? Leave a comment! 

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  1. wow, looks amazing! I bet he is a happy camper. :) I love wood stoves. We have a cast iron pot belly stove my grandmother had shipped here (Florida), when my dad built this house, from Vermont in19'57. We use it when it gets cold and it is wonderful!

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