Adobo Baked Chicken w/ Spicy Pepper Zucchini Chips {Caribbean-Inspired Cooking - Day 1}

We are a house divided. No, we’re not a Iowa Hawkeye versus Iowa State Cyclone rivalry. We’re divided on the amount of spice and heat we enjoy on our foods. When it comes to John’s tastebuds, the spicier the better. He likes a sweaty brow and runny nose when digging into some fiery cuisine. Me? Not so much. I don’t have a tolerance {at all} for spicy foods. It’s the Midwesterner in me, perhaps.

There is a dish that we created together in the kitchen that meets both of our preferences - a little spice and super savory. And yes, you read that correctly. This simple meal was a joint effort, and is perfect for two people. You can easily double the recipe for a leftover lunch the following day.

For the adobo chicken, you’ll need:
Simply mix all of the spices together and rub on your chicken. Then, place the chicken on a wire rack on a rimmed baking sheet. This allows the heat to get all up in your chicken's business. 

For the zucchini chips, gather:
Season your cracker crumbs by shaking in your pepper seasoning: 

Then set up your dredging station, keeping your baking sheet with the wire rack handy: 

You'll be baking the chicken and zuke chips at 375* until the chicken is cooked through and the chips are golden. For us, that was about 20 minutes.

I also happened to have just enough green beans from the garden for a flavorful side, as well. 

IF (that's a big 'if') you have any leftovers, here is what we suggest: Slice up the adobo chicken and dress up an ordinary garden salad. Add garden fresh peppers and onions, as well as a hardboiled egg and a sprinkling of cheese to create a tangy chef salad.

Caribbean Trading Company is one of my favorites when it comes to flavorful and unique seasoning blends. They’re based out of Puerto Rico and all of their products are made there. One of the reasons I gravitate towards their products is that none contain MSG, and they’re 100% all natural. No fillers! I am very sensitive to MSG, to the point where I feel dizzy, nauseous, and ill as soon as a few hours after consumption of MSG-laden foods. It’s very important that we cook with spices and sauces that allow us to enjoy flavorful foods without compromising our health.

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